Curriculum Vitae


ORCID: 0000-0002-3503-2059, web of science: J-4643-2019

Publications: 21
H-index: 12
Citations: 289
Verified reviews: 27

My research focus

I’m interested in how animals perceive and interact with their physical and social environment. My research focus is in particular understanding the motivations, perceptual abilities and cognitive capacities of domestic animals, which ultimately can improve housing systems and management, as well as enhance the enjoyment of humans and animals working/living together.

    Apr 2020 – present: Researcher, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Biosystems and Technology, Sweden
    Aug 2019 – present: Social Media Officer for ISES (The International Society of Equitation Science
    Jun 2019 – present: Scientific member of the SLU Horse research committee (Hästforskningskommitteen, VH-fakulteten, SLU)
    Feb 2018 – Apr 2020: Post-Doctoral Researcher, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Biosystems and Technology, Sweden
    Oct 2018 – Oct 2019: SLU Future Faculty steering committee member and local LTV-faculty Future Faculty responsible
    Feb 2015 – Jan 2018: PhD student, Aarhus University, Department of Animal Science, Behaviour and Stress biology, Denmark
    Mar 2015 – Jan 2018: Student representative for the International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE)
    Mar 2015 – Jun 2016: Representative for the PhD students of Aarhus University, Foulum in the PhD Committee, subsection: Department of Animal Science
    Aug 2014 – Feb 2015: Research Assistant, Aarhus University, Department of Animal Science, Denmark


2015 – 2018

Ph.D. in Animal Behaviour and Stress Biology, Aarhus University


MSc in Agrobiology, Aarhus University


BSc in Biology, Aarhus University

  • Svelandsstiftelse, Sweden 2 year project (~2,000€)
  • FORMAS 3 year project: Smell This! (~300.000€)
  • Jordbruksverket 1 year project: optimised management of sows housed in ESC systems (~50.000€)
  • Partnerskap Alnarp 1 year project: Hangry – making hungry sows full and happy (~40.000€)
  • Stipendie kommitteen: four 1 year projects: 1) Can horses learn from watching humans?, 2) Can cows watch and learn?, 3) Object performance in horses, 4) ammonia aversion in pigs? (~28.000€)
  • EU commission 1 year pilot project: Study on shifting from transport of unweaned male dairy calves over long distance to local rearing and fattening
  • Stiftelsen Lantbruksforskning 1 year project: Digi-talised pig production (~22.000€)
  • Stipendiekommitteen: 5 travel grants to conferences and study visits around the world (~8.000€)


Editorial board: Frontiers in Veterinary Sciences

Manuscript review: Plos one, Royal Society Open Science, Applied Animal Behaviour Science, Animal Cognition, Equine Veterinary Journal, Animals, Frontiers in Veterinary Science, Journal of Animal Science, Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, Proceedings B, Journal of Dairy Science, Animal, Biology Letters, Canadian Journal of Animal Science, Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica,

Memberships: The International Society of Applied Ethology (ISAE), The International Society of Neuroethology (ISN), The International Society for Equitation Science (ISES), Hästforskningskommitten SLU (Horse research committee of SLU)


Danish – mother tongue

English – fluent

Swedish – fluent

Norwegian – experienced

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