This summer has been packed with a lot of writing and two thrilling conferences.


ISAE 2017 was held in Aarhus, my home town, and was a great assembly of motivated delegates exchanging knowledge and networking. As this was also my last ISAE conference as an ISAE student representative, I was very pleased to see our student event – Eating with Ethologists – run smoothly with a lot of dedicated people interacting.

I also had great feed back on our newest study on olfactory investigation in dairy cattle which I presented on the first day of the conference just a few days after our papers had been accepted. Thank for the many good questions and the positive feed back on this new angle. The article can be found here, and please don´t hesitate to ask me more questions.




Later in September I joined my fist WAFL conference (International Conference on Assessment of Animal Walfare on Farm and Group Level) in Ede, The Netherlands. This was also a very rewarding and intriguing conference and I´ll definitely be joing in 2020.

I especially felt very honored being voted 1st in the Best Poster Presentation Award by the conference attendees. Thank you all and thanks for all the great talks and discussions by the poster. I really enjoyed this!

The study will soon be published, and I promise more details will be out be then.

Lastly a huge thanks to all the people behind these conferences!

#wafl2017 🙏🏻 #ISAE2017