About Me

I work as a researcher within the topic “Animal-adapted housing systems”, which covers a holistic and systematic approach to studying indoor and outdoor animal systems. My specific area focusses on how animals interact with their physical and social environment, and how this can be optimized in terms of sustainability of the production. I am interested in understanding the cognitive and sensory abilities of animals, and I aim to optimize modern animal housing to be motivation-based and safe. Both from an animal and a human perspective. My research unit uses novel solutions and technological tools in the assessment and optimization of animal environments and closely collaborates with other relevant research units to provide in-depth research on the animal system as a whole.

I did my PostDoc at The Department of Biosystems and Technology, Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences in the small town called Alnarp in Skåne region of Sweden. Here I worked in the animal group focussing on the impact of technology and housing environment in different management systems for livestock production with special emphasize on animal welfare but also with the environment in mind.

I have a PhD-degree from Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University, Denmark. The ultimate aim of my PhD-project was not only to improve the welfare of dairy cattle around the time of calving, but also to assist the farmers in doing so. I investigated pre-calving behaviour, focusing on the motivations driving the cow when she is about to give birth. This knowledge was utilized when designing new innovative calving facilities aiming to move the cows to single calving pens solely based on the cow’s own initiative. In other words; we aimed to make the calving cow ‘self-guided’. More information about the project can be found here: My Research

During my PhD studies I also served as student representative for The International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE) for two years, elected March 2016, serving until February 2018, and as student representative for the PhD committee at Aarhus University, Department of Animal Science.

In 2014 I earned my title as Master in Science, Agrobiology, from Aarhus University, specializing in Animal Ethology, Welfare, and Physiology. My master thesis on social learning in horses was awarded the highest grade (A) and results from this work was later published in Animal Cognition and Applied Animal Behaviour Science. Publications

I have a Bachelor degree in Biology, and my Bachlor thesis was focussed on the behaviour of captive wolves. The results from this work was presented at the first Large Carnivore Conference in 2015, Krasny Bor, Belarus.

My passion for animals has followed me for as long as I can remember. My mother was a dedicated horse rider and always brought me with her. I grew up surrounded with bunnies, birds, horses and dogs, and so I also grew up learning to speak their ‘language’. When later gaining more knowledge about the way we keep, handle and produce animals world wide I developed a deep desire to solve the challenges that animals and their keepers face in daily life.

I’m curious, passionate and not afraid of trying out new ideas. I love to travel and when abroad I benefit greatly from having cultural awareness and being fluent in English.


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