Two new papers accepted!

While I was away on vacation, petting beautiful horses in Iceland, reviewers have been working hard on our two lastest papers. We had many very kind and constructive comments and suggestions for admendments, which is always nice and makes the papers even better.

Very cuddly mare on the North shore of Iceland

Thank you all!! 

Also I would like to thank my co-authors on these papers:

My former PhD supervisor Dr. Margit Bak Jensen for allowing me to expand further on the results from my PhD resulting in this paper:

Jensen, M. B., Rørvang, M. V., 2018. The degree of visual cover and location of birth fluids affect dairy cows’ choice of calving site. Journal of Dairy Science, In press. Doi: 10.3168/jds.2018-14724.

I’m moreover thrilled to have been working with a group of highly motivated horse researchers on our lastest review paper for the special topic in Frontiers in Veterinary Science: Advances and perspectives in farm animal learning. Dr. Jan Ladewig from Copenhagen University and Dr. Andrew McLean from Equitation Science International in Australia as well as my former MSc supervisor Dr. Janne Winther Christensen all made it a very steep learning curve for me, and inspired me to reflect upon my theoretical knowledge of animal learning. I’m impressed how far we have come and very proud of this paper:

Rørvang, M. V., Christensen, J. W., Ladewig, J., McLean, A., Social learning in horses – fact or fiction? Frontiers in Veterinary Science, Animal Behavior and Welfare, (Special topic: Advances and perspectives in farm animal learning and cognition), In press. Doi: 10.3389/fvets.2018.00212.

Please see Publications for further information about the papers and full texts.


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