ISAE & ISES conferences 2018 coming up!

This year’s International Society for Applied Ethology conference is coming up! We are going to Prince Edward Island in Canada this time and I’m thrilled to once again be part of this great event. I’m also proud to be talking about our lastest review paper under the title: ‘Seek and hide- Understanding pre-partum behavior of cattle by use of inter-species comparison’ as a key-note, introducing the session 5: Cattle behavior and welfare. The article can be found here, and more information about the conference can be found via the Link to the conference webpage.


Later in September the annual International Society for Equitation Science conference is coming up. I’m thrilled that the Scientific committee liked our abstract about social learning, which is based on an upcoming special topic review for Frontiers in Veterinary Science. I’ll be back with more details about this review and the talk. Title of the abstract is: ‘Social learning in horses? – the importance of seeking the simplest explanation’. More information about ISES and the ISES conference can be found here.


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